Tarec Saffiedine Expects Stand Up With Lawler


The last Strikeforce Welterweight champion Tarec Saffiedine recently shared, with British news outlet MMA Opinion, his thoughts on his upcoming fight with Robbie Lawler and how he feels the fight will play out.

“I think we will keep this fight standing, that is exciting for the fans. They like to see people standing, we have different styles standing but we are both exciting. However, if it goes to the ground I am ready to go there, it will be an exciting fight. I believe a win will put me close to being a title contender, I think one or two fights away from being a contender. Whenever you fight a top ten opponent and if you win in great fashion it puts you closer, FOX is a huge setting for me to fight in front of I am very excited for this opportunity.”

Both fighters have huge momentum going into this bout. Robbie Lawler recently defeated Josh Koscheck at UFC 157. Tarec Saffiedine last competed against Nate Marquardt in the Strikeforce finale event, winning the welterweight title in the process.

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