Will Rory MacDonald Become The New GSP?


Georges St. Pierre has kept a strangle hold on the welterweight division for years now. Who will take over the reigns of GSP’s legacy? Many people have Rory MacDonald tabbed as the man to dominate the welterweight division after GSP calls it quits.

Is it too soon for us to make that prediction? Rory MacDonald is only 23 years old. His biggest win to date was against a former ufc champion, BJ Penn. It is too early to hype him up this much?

MacDonald has proven that he’s capable to becoming a legitimate threat to anyone in the welterweight division. He looked great against Che Mills and BJ Penn. The only issue is that the only top ten fighter he competed against was Carlos Condit. Although he looked extremely impressive in defeat against Condit, he still lost.

This fight with Jake Ellenberger at UFC on Fox 8 will answer a lot of these questions. Ellenberger is a top ranked opponent and can easily do some damage to MacDonald. Is Rory truly one of the elite in the welterweight division. We will all find out soon.