Rich Franklin Wants Michael Bisping


Rich Franklin knows that his time as a title contender has come to a close. Though, there are still some exciting match ups for him before he decides to retire. One that he’s particularly interested in is a fight with Michael Bisping.

Bisping and Franklin have competed in the UFC for years now but have never fought each other. Michael Bisping has never earned that signature win that would catapult him into a title shot. Perhaps a bout with Franklin will help him achieve that goal. Now, defeating Franklin may not be as impressive as it used to be, but Franklin still has big name value.

There aren’t many contenders left with names big enough to give Bisping the boost he’s looking for. If he wants to make one last run at a title shot, Yushin Okami or Cung Le would also be viable options. However, if he’s looking to make a detour along the way Franklin is a great answer.

Bisping has always been a wanted man in the UFC. Let’s see what the UFC has in store for these fighters’ careers.