Is Chris Weidman Anderson Silva’s Kryptonite?


In the world of super hero comics, Anderson Silva is the mixed martial arts version of Superman. He’s able to claw his way from defeat against his arch-rival Lex Luther (Chael Sonnen) and he’s able to keep the MMA world at peace.

His upcoming title bout against Chris Weidman could end up being his downfall. Weidman has defeated some of the best in the middleweight division. Could he be the kryptonite that ends our version of Superman?

Chael Sonnen showed us Anderson’s biggest weakness is his wrestling. Chael lacked strength and submission defense and that ultimately saved the day for the middleweight champion.

Chris has the ability to knock out any of his opponents and has a great wrestling pedigree. He also trains with Matt Serra on his jiu jitsu. He has all the tools to pull off the upset.

Superman has always been able to come back from the brink of defeat, but this time might be too much for our superhero to handle.

We will find out at UFC 162 in Las Vegas.