Is Chris Weidman Anderson Silva’s Kryptonite?


In the world of super hero comics, Anderson Silva is the mixed martial arts version of Superman. He’s able to claw his way from defeat against his arch-rival Lex Luther (Chael Sonnen) and he’s able to keep the MMA world at peace.

His upcoming title bout against Chris Weidman could end up being his downfall. Weidman has defeated some of the best in the middleweight division. Could he be the kryptonite that ends our version of Superman?

Chael Sonnen showed us Anderson’s biggest weakness is his wrestling. Chael lacked strength and submission defense and that ultimately saved the day for the middleweight champion.

Chris has the ability to knock out any of his opponents and has a great wrestling pedigree. He also trains with Matt Serra on his jiu jitsu. He has all the tools to pull off the upset.

Superman has always been able to come back from the brink of defeat, but this time might be too much for our superhero to handle.

We will find out at UFC 162 in Las Vegas.

  • tim wills

    Lmao do you know anything about mma? Or just talk out your ass ? Chris has not beaten anyone good in mma. The best person he beat was Munoz who is a scrub chris has no experience against top competition so how can you justify your statements hes has only fought no names. If Chris fought vitor , chael, yushin, Henderson or anybody good I guarantee you he’d win half and lose half but just to remind you Anderson beat all of them. Chris has no chance to beat silva, silva will school him it’s gonna be a knockout in round one. Chris only has a wrestling advantage everything else goes to silva. The only way silva will ever lose is if he moves up to 205 and fights Jon jones

    • First off, yes Josh knows quite a bit about MMA. Betting on Silva is like betting on Tyson. It’s an easy play with no risk. But eventually the guy will lose. Statements like “the only way Silva will ever lose is if he moves up to 205 and fights” are myopic. You clearly support Silva… as do many other fans. I personally like Silva as well, but come on man, anything can happen in this game. Could Chris just be being fed to the lions in this fight? Maybe? But he’s also 10 years younger than Anderson and he also has a 9-0 record. Spouting out names like Chael, Henderson and Yushin? Give me a break. Chael’s performance against Jones was a completely joke Chael has basically a 50/50 chance in any fight. He’s lost 13 of his 27 matches in MMA. And Hendo?? Did you even WATCH UFC 157? What was Hendo doing the whole time he fought Machida? Barely a single strike thrown or landed by him. These fighters are all inching past their prime. IF Anderson loses it’s just as likely to happen by a younger hungrier fighter than it is by someone with more experience under their belt. There comes a point in a fighter’s career where they just get too old for the business… Anderson is unfortunately getting there… which is likely why he only has 1 or two title defenses a year lately. If he were fighting more often now, instead of just sitting on his throne, I’m willing to bet you’d see a different side to him.

  • I think if Silva fights like he still cares he’ll win.