Eddie Alvarez Vs Bellator: “There Will Be NO Settlement”


Eddie Alvarez is preparing for a torturous court case against Bellator MMA and he’s not backing down.

What looked like a door opening to settlements between Alvarez and Bellator MMA  was quickly shut, according to CEO Bjorn Rebney:

“I had hope a month ago there was a door opening. But that door isn’t open at this point. So I don’t know. The court system is slow and methodical, and we’re just going through the process. I don’t have any projections of it getting settled at this point because we’re not talking. The essence of it is, the promoter is never going to get everything he wants and the fighter is never going to get everything he wants. We have a position that we did everything right legally, and the court has supported us. I thought we were headed down a road (to resolution), and then everything went real dark.”

It wasn’t long after the statement from Rebney went public, Alvarez let the Twittersphere know his opinion on the situation.

“We will be going to trial and there will be NO settlement. I want to see this thing through and let the truth come out in the end. I needed time to renovate and sell my home anyway in order to move to Florida, so this may have come as a blessing. My goal is to move to Florida, train with the best team and coaches in the world, beat this court case, become No. 1 in the world and keep it. I am in no hurry. This has always been a marathon for me, not a sprint, and time will only make me more dangerous when I fight, I promise.”

Alvarez has fought about once every 5 months since he was 18 year old, this break has given him a chance to learn a lot. He knows that Miami has unsanctioned fights and has even thought about heading out there over the weekend just to stay sharp.