Roy Nelson Wants Daniel Cormier For 205 Title Shot


Daniel Cormier recently went to Twitter stating that he would love to fight against Roy Nelson. Roy Nelson is all for the idea, on one condition; a title shot at light heavyweight if he is victorious. Sounds confusing, right? How do two heavyweights competing against each other earn a title shot in a division that they don’t currently fight in?

Daniel Cormier is still in a flux about which division he wants to compete in. With his training partner being the current UFC Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez, it makes it difficult trying to win gold in that division. The issue with him dropping to light heavyweight is that he had kidney failure during the 2008 Beijing Olympics because of drastic weight cuts.

One thing is for sure, Roy Nelson just wants a title shot. It seems like he doesn’t really care about what he has to do to get there. It just wouldn’t be fair to other contenders that are working up the ladder in their respective division, but sadly we have seen the UFC give title shots to opponents who didn’t even have a fight in that division prior eg., Frankie Edgar, Anthony Pettis and Chael Sonnen.

The best thing for Roy to do is to keep at heavyweight and keep knocking people out. Roy Nelson vs Mark Hunt, regardless of him being victorious at UFC 160.