Anthony Pettis Featherweight Cut Not Permanent


Anthony Pettis is fighting against Jose Aldo at UFC 163 for the featherweight championship. Even if victorious against Aldo, don’t look for Pettis to stay in the Featherweight division.

Anthony Pettis knows how crowded the UFC lightweight division is. Instead of waiting for his so-called “promised title shot” he took matters into his own hands.  He texted Dana White after Aldo’s title defense against Frankie Edgar at UFC 156 stating that he wanted his hand’s on the UFC featherweight championship.

Anthony Pettis promised that his fight with Aldo will produce nothing but fireworks. How can it not be an exciting fight. If you haven’t seen Jose Aldo’s double knee knockout or Anthony Pettis’ “Showtime Kick”, take a look:

We’ll find out at UFC 163 in August if Will Pettis has what it takes to become a champion.