Dana White Gets A Reminder Of Bostons Indomitable Spirit


When UFC’s president Dana White heard about the bombing at the Boston Marathon he was instantly touched and wanted to help. He just didn’t know exactly how.

White touched down in Boston around 4 a.m. on Sunday ready to make some good out of a horrible situation. Boston was a place he adopted as home in his early 20’s while boxing and training, so this place had a special spot in his heart.

He wasn’t completely sure what he was going to do when he got there that day. He only knew that it involved writing checks to charities.

“I started reaching out to personal families that were involved in this thing and started reaching out to the mayor. The one thing I realized immediately is that people were pretty messed up.”

He hadn’t gotten the full effect of what happened until being there and seeing it for himself.

“I’ve stood where the people were standing when those bombs went off,” he said. “I’ve been walking up and down that street so many times. This is most I’ve talked about it. I hate talking about it. You know how I can get. I start to go in that direction, and I don’t want to do that in the media.”

Normally pretty hot headed, White stopped himself from thinking about the two bombers and their motives behind the whole thing.

He knew what he wanted to do at that point. He wanted to meet the families affected by this tragic event, give out the checks in person. This he found out wasn’t the best of ideas to go with.

White met with a family friend of a victim that said it was just too soon for face to face meetings. It was more of an intrusion even though they were very appreciative of the gesture.

White’s reply, “You do your thing, and I apologize for even wasting your time. I don’t even know what the hell I was thinking. This thing happened a week ago, and I’m calling people? I got a little too carried away and a little too ahead of myself. I should have just sent the check.”


That’s exactly what he did. White gave checks to The One Fund, a donation center that’s raised almost $30 million for the Boston Marathon bombing victims.

Instead of face to face meetings White took a different tactic, he’d let the people come to him if they wanted to. For the rest of that day he was on his Twitter making meet up locations for Bostonians affected by the bombing giving away UFC memorabilia. He was even able to get Boston Red Sox outfielder Shane Victorino to come out and sign some giveaways.

“I learned a lot through this experience,” White said, “But when stuff like this goes down, a lot of poeple really did support Boston – which I love about this country.”