KPOP’s B2ST Star Yoseob To Debut As MMA Fighter?


KPOP Star Yoseob posted a photo of himself with a pair of MMA gloves on because he’s “into boxing lately.” Dear lord help us all!

KPOP is something the younger generations are crazy about. For some reason the ‘tweens’ can’t get enough of the Korean pop stars.

The very popular band B2ST (no idea what it stands for) has the tender vocalist Yoseob thinking he can get into the MMA game. This whole thing comes off very comedic and imaginative, like a child wanting to be superman when they grow up.

Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 2.56.59 PM

His record label bought him a pair of MMA gloves because “Yoseob worked hard! (yes he spoke in third person) I also got boxing gloves too!”

The reason it’s difficult to imagine Yoseob getting into MMA has a little bit to do with how his next few words went:

“Hehe. I also got boxing gloves too! I feel good! When you get presents, you feel good, right? When I record music, I think of it as giving you all a present. No matter what kind of song it is; even if it’s an OST song, a featured song, my album, or a promotion for someone else. I prepare my present happily so Beauties can listen. Everyone, please accept the present with joy! Hehe. In the end, Korea is the best ㅜㅜ .”

Not something you’ll see most MMA fighters saying. But who are we to take away a kids dream, right? Yoseob’s been going hard at training for 2 months and finds it really fun. “If it’s possible, I want to debut as an athlete.”

Just to be on the safe side, we’d suggest sticking to the tender vocals. It might not end well for the KPOP star if he stepped in the ring.