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Top 5 Gruesome Injuries In The UFC


In the world of mixed martial arts, fighters can get injured in a split of a second. Your opponent could attempt a vicious arm bar or you could even end up with a freak injury. Fighters do their best to protect themselves but sometimes an injury is inevitable. Here are the top 5 gruesome injuries in the UFC.


#5 Frank Mir vs Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira  UFC 140

Frank Mir and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueria are two of the best submission artists in the heavyweight division. This was a rematch from their first bout at UFC 92. Frank Mir was able to pull off the upset and knock him out. People thought that the rematch would be in Mir’s favor. They just didn’t expect it in the form of a brutal submission. Frank Mir was able to submit Nogueira with a beautiful Kimura and broke his arm in the process.


#4 Tim Sylvia vs Frank Mir UFC 48

Frank Mir loves to hurt people. Competing for the UFC Heavyweight title against Tim Sylvia was no easy task. Sylvia is a big heavyweight and was in his prime at the time. That didn’t play much of a factor. Frank Mir applied a sweet arm bar on Tim. He refused to tap so Frank Mir broke his arm. You could see the bend of the bone breaking and finally the ref had to call off the fight.


#3 Vitor Belfort vs Marvin Eastman UFC 43

Vitor Belfort made quick work of Marvin Eastman during this fight. Connecting with a perfectly timed flying knee. The knee was so intense that it busted open Marvin Eastman’s skull. That is just one more reason why Vitor is one bad dude.


#2 Jon Jones Vs Chael Sonnen UFC 159

This is what we call a freak injury. Jon was able to defeat Chael Sonnen with ease. Taking him down at will and pounding him out for the TKO victory. During the post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, he realized that he suffered a compound fracture in his big toe. That is one gnarly injury.


#1 Corey Hill vs Dale Hartt UFC Fight Night: Home For The Troops

Boy were the troops in for a treat this night. The worst injury of all time in the UFC easily goes to Corey Hill. While attempting a leg kick against Dale Hartt, his leg snapped completely in half and was thriving in pain. You think a broken toe is bad? Think about your whole shin being snapped in half. Yeah, worst injury ever.