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UFC Exec Marc Ratner Wants To Change The Rules


Marc Ratner, UFC Vice President of Regulatory Affairs wants to change a couple of the rules regarding eye poking and grounded opponents.

After the controversial stopped fight between Gian Villante and Ovince St. Preux due to eye poking, Ratner plans to submit a formal request to bring a doctor to check a fighters eye instead of the referee asking if they can see.

“What we want the referees to do is don’t make a medical decision. Call time. Don’t ask the kid if he can see or not. Bring the doctor in and let the doctor make the determination. Now obviously, if any fighter can’t see, you want the fight stopped. But here’s a case where if you go through the mechanic and bring the doctor in, it will give them a chance to see if in fact the eye clears up and he can fight. That’s what you want to do there.”


Ratner also wants a change to how and when a knee or kick to the head of a grounded opponent is allowed. This one goes back to Pride. But he’s not trying to take the UFC back to Pride style rules, rather he wants to address the abuse of the ‘three-point stance rule.’ More recently shown by Demetrious Johnson’s defense against John Dodson. The fighter will just place his hand on and off the mat so he won’t get hit.

“We really believe this ‘three-point stance rule,'”Ratner said, “Need to be addressed. That’s not what the rule is for. That has to be looked at. I’m going to work with our attorneys on the language. If you’re going against the intent of the rule, and that’s what’s being done with some fighters, then we’ve got to change it.”

Ratner will brings these changes up at the Association of Boxing Commission’s annual conference in July.