UFC 159: Alan Belcher Eye Injury (Update)


Alan Belcher has had multiple eye injuries as of late. Having surgery on his right eye twice for a torn retina. Luckily for him, the injury he sustained against Michael Bisping at UFC 159 was not as bad as some had feared.

He released a statement on twitter indicating he tore his eyelid and required 8 stitches.  Thankfully the retina was not injured again.

“I’m ok…Just got back from E.R.,” “8 stitches in eyelid. Disappointed. To my real supporters, I’m sorry, thank you once again.”

Looks like he will be back in the octagon in no time. Who would be a good opponent for his next bout? While he did lose to Michael Bisping this time, things could’ve been much worse. Hopefully the next time he fights he will respect his opponent’s striking ability and keep his hands up. A little more respect could have saved him 8 stitches.