Tito Ortiz Please Stay Retired


Tito Ortiz recently hinted, on Twitter, that he might come out of retirement to face Jon Jones. He obviously doesn’t want Jones to break his record for the most UFC Light Heavyweight title defenses.

Here ‘s the problem with this scenario. This is a fight no one’s asking to see.  Mixed martial arts was a different game during Tito’s reign.  We have to wonder if Tito’s up to the task of matching today’s standards. With MMA athletes that aren’t just wrestlers or boxers but more varied in skill sets he’s have to show he’s got more than he did when he left to take on the likes of Jon Jones.

When was the last time Tito even won a fight? Oh yeah, UFC 132 against Ryan Bader. Not to take anything away from him for the win but what happened after that? A three-fight-losing streak and then deciding to finally retire. If he had trouble with Forrest Griffin, then he’s in for a long night thinking that he can take on Jon Jones.

There’s no reason for him to come back now except to cause a spectacle. He was, is and always will be one of the true pioneers of the sport. He helped put UFC on the map. He’s a former light heavyweight champ. Is there really anything left for him to prove?

Tito, we say this with love.  Enjoy your retirement and focus on your cool Punishment athletic wear and your MMA management firm.  You’ll continue to have a greater positive impact on the MMA community through those channels than coming out to try and win a fight, just because you think you can.  Please leave a little room for the fresh talent to breath.