Matt Mitrione Calls Out Jones and Why We Don’t Care


Matt “Meathead” Mitrione recently called out Jon Jones on Twitter. These two have had some verbal sparring after Mitrione’s well publicized rant about Fallon Fox and how she is a transgendered athlete.

Jon “Bones” Jones stated that people like Meathead are scumbags, willing to blast another athlete without having any education on the subject. With Jones anticipating a move up in divisions by early next year. Mitirone wants to be the guy to welcome him to the heavyweight division.

Who cares? The only reason why Mitrione is calling out Jones is because he knows that Jon is a big name and could lead to a potentially big pay day. Only one problem. There is no way Zuffa would place Jones is a fight without a big name opponent. Sorry Mitrione, not big enough.

When Jones decides to compete with the big boys, you can bet it will be against the elite of the division. Alistair Overeem, Junior Dos Santos and Cain Velasquez are all opponents with name value. Having them compete against Jon would be big fights and make the UFC some serious cash.

The UFC only cares about making money. Sorry Mitrione, unless you somehow become the new Chael Sonnen, there’s no way you’ll be fighting Jon Jones any time soon!

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