Rousey ‘Disappointed’ She Won’t Get A Taste Of Tate


Ronda Rousey was “disappointed” with Miesha Tate’s loss at TUF 17 Finale.

Rousey isn’t the biggest fan of Tate. She’d love to have a rematch with her and Tate feels the same way.

But that won’t happen until after TUF 18. Zingano won the title eliminator making her the opposing coach on TUF 18. Rousey believes it’ll come shortly after that.

The UFC isn’t huge on following the rankings system, it’s more of a popularity contest. A rematch between the two is in high demand, which means a lot of money to be made. Rousey confirmed, “I think because of the demand, it’s going to end up happening anyway because so many people want to see that fight again.”


Rousey and Tate’s fight made Dana White’s decision letting women compete easy. It drew in an average of 431,000 Showtime viewers and a 25 percent higher score than male-headlined cards two months before.

Rousey will get her taste of Tate’s sweet fighting nectar, but she’s gotta make it through TUF 18 first!