Michael Bisping Is Not Happy With Alan Belcher


Michael Bisping’s upset with Alan Belcher and he’s looking forward to show Belcher just how unhappy he is in their upcoming fight this Saturday at UFC 159.

if you watched the scuffle between the two fighters at Thursday’s media event you’d have gotten a taste of just how angry Bisping is with Belcher.

Bisping doesn’t think Belcher is on his level.  This probably has something to do with the video Belcher uploaded to Youtube of Bisping’s first knockout  loss of his career.  The video shows Alan Belcher superimposed on some older footage, pointing and laughing at Dan Henderson landing some devastating punches on Bisping at UFC 100. Of course a video like that would set anybody off.

Getting Bisping angry could go either way for Belcher. The added spite might be just the motivation Bisping needs to take down his opponent.  According to Bisping, “Me pissed off is a way better fighter. Some people are, and some people lose focus.”  Hopefully for Bisping his theory on anger will be proved in practice and he can bounce back from his last loss.

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Bisping’s so pissed about this video he’s ready to go old school on him but, “I can’t do that, because it’s the year 2013 and you get arrested. That’s not the way you behave.” Bisping explained, “Ordinarily, maybe in the ’60s you could go around and ‘chin’ someone now and again. Now it’s frowned upon, and Saturday night I get paid to do that.”

The british fighter definitely looks down on his opponent “nobody’s interested in Alan Belcher.” Bisping’s tried to stay away from talking about the upcoming fight, mostly because he doesn’t think Belcher deserves the attention.

Looks like Belcher proved Bisping wrong with this latest stunt!

Aside from the obvious dislike Bisping has for Belcher he did admit, “He’s a good fighter. He is. He does all the necessary things you’ve got to do to be successful in the UFC. He’s been in the UFC almost as long as I have. Of course I’ve prepared accordingly. But he’s been fighting a very different level of competition.”

And yet even that minuscule admission of respect only went so far when Bisping concluded, “But my phone wasn’t going every day because I was fighting some retard from Mississippi.”

For a Brit we’re certainly impressed by Bisping’s eloquence. I guess we’ll see who the bigger “retard” is tomorrow.