UFC on Fox 8: Matt Mitrione’s Back From Suspension


Matt Mitrione will be back in action at UFC on Fox 8 going up again Brendan Schaub.

Mitrione was on suspension from an incident that happened on the MMAHour where he voiced his feelings on the transgendered fighter Fallon Fox. His feelings just happened to be rather vulgar.

Mitrione and Schaub were both on TUF 10: The Heavyweights, but since they were on the same team they never actually fought each other.


UFC on Fuel TV 9 was Mitrione’s most recent win, taking down Phil DeFries in only 19 seconds. That was when it all hit the fan for Mitrione. Shortly after that he was hit with a hefty fine and suspended for his actions on the MMAHour. A fine so high Dana White said Mitiriones only reply was, “Are you serious?”

But the suspension wasn’t anything crazy. It’s only been two weeks since it happened. Which doesn’t seem like much would have been learned, but Dana White mentioned it was the fine that would make him think about saying things like that again. You take away a man’s money and that’s when he starts to listen.

Mitrione and Schaub battle it out at UFC on Fox 8, July 27th in Seattle.