Stefan Struve: Back In Action After Broken Jaw


Stefan Struve is back in the gym with full contact MMA training just 6 weeks after suffering a broken jaw.

Struve isn’t stopping with just training, he’s got his sights set on the octagon. He wants back in. Struve’s twitter reported, “Aiming to be back in a couple of months.”


Considering Struve’s jaw was broken in two pieces this is quit a surprise that he’s back doing full contact training. “6 weeks after having surgery on my jaw I had my 1st full contact mma training tonight, it went GREAT!” This break isn’t something you just bounce back from very fast. This is impressive.

The heavyweight was taken out by Mark Hunt in the third round at UFC on Fuel TV 8. Hunt landed a hook with perfect timing and placement that sent Struve to the ground. Hunt, realizing Struve was in bad shape, backed off and the referee called it after speaking with Struve.

Struve was coming off of a four fight winning streak that was quickly crushed by that hook. He’s only 25 years old, so there is more than enough time for him to get back in the octagon and make a name for himself. With the way he’s moving now, we can expect sooner than later.

  • Evan Stoumbelis

    Struve should drop down to 205, he’s built just like I am, tall, lanky, and on the lean side. Get him working with Mike Dolce and a 205-pound machine will be in the works.

    • I disagree… I think he should go up in weight. Dropping weight could make him a weaker opponent. He’s a giant…. he needs to pack on more core muscle and his bone density also has some issues he needs to work on… maybe supplementation for a period of time to boost it. He is a young guy and his bones may still be growing.

      • Evan Stoumbelis

        That’s actually a very good point, I didn’t think about it that way. You’ve also piqued my interest with the increasing bone density topic, what can someone do to increase it?

      • Evan Stoumbelis

        I talked to Mike Dolce, he said to INCREASE body weight, the best things to do are resistance training and rest…maybe an article on increasing body weight/bone density? lol