Fallon Fox Allegedly Terrorizing Invicta Fighters


Fallon Fox was supposedly roaming the lobby of a hotel that housed several Invicta fighters on the morning of Invicta 5.

Fox can’t seem to get out of the news! This time the story isn’t helping the transgendered fighter out at all in the area of mental stability. It seems like Fox is just looking for a fight.

The word came in from Invicta FC strawweight Bec Hyatt’s Facebook that Fox was seen walking the halls of a hotel lobby the morning of Invicta 5 trying to stir up some drama.

It’s true that Fallon & I had a “run in” on fight morning in the hotel lobby. Nothing physical, just an unwelcome distraction from my fight later that night. Long story short… I was on my phone Facebook training, as I do, when my husband told me to look up to the second floor balcony. Sure enough I was greeted by Fallon (along with another female fighter??) staring meanie daggers at me & if looks could kill… boy would I be dead LOL!! A Fallon Fox mean mug makes Jasminka Cive’s look child’s play 😉

As you’d all know though, I have a chip on my shoulder myself & am very stubborn, so I gladly partook in the silent staring contest for a minute or so until I inquired as to why she was actually staring at me. Fallon replied with “I’ll do what I want”, to which I laughed, said she is a joke & went back to my Facebook training in preparation of the nights contest. I can’t remember exactly what Fallon then said, but it was along the lines of “I’m coming down there” in an angrier tone & as she went to put on her jacket, Invicta Fighting Championships matchmaker Janet Martin came out of an elevator & started talking to me. When I looked back up, Fallon & her friend were gone. The second half of our exchange was caught on camera but I won’t be releasing it 🙂

To Fallon’s credit, she did apologize to me at the after party but it was an unwelcome distraction to my fight as when it all sunk in, I was actually more pissed off about what happened in the lobby then all the stuff my opponent had said to me LOL!! I couldn’t even enjoy my popcorn at the movies 🙁 I’m only a 115lbs fighter but if I won’t back down to my much bigger & more skilled fighter husband, I certainly am not backing down to Fallon Fox!!

Why is Fox trying to start stuff with someone who is lower in weight to begin with? That’s really not helping her out with everything else that’s going on. Maybe she can’t get a fight in her own class so she’s just trying to start something with anyone and Hyatt just happened to be the first person she saw. Who knows!

Sure you could argue that it’s typical for a fighter to want to stir up trouble to gain some publicity, but is this really the best strategy for someone under so much scrutiny?

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What do you think is motivating Fallon Fox?  Do you think she has a fundamental issue with women?  Is she just an individual with something to prove?  What do you think the psychology behind this fighter is?  Let us know in the comments!