Top 5 UFC Fighters Fans Love To Hate


We’ve put together a list of the Top 5 UFC fighters people “love to hate”.

In every sport there are players people love to hate and that’s no different in UFC. Granted this is baed on fan opinion so it could be different from person to person.


5. Jon Fitch

This guy is hated on mostly because of his fighting style. It’s just boring to watch. He’s a wrestler and prefers to keep it that way. It’s been said that he doesn’t want to evolve his stand-up game. The guy needs to take on the personality of Chael Sonnen to even out with his boring fighting style.


4. Michael Bisping

He’s English, loud, cocky and just overly emotional. His mouth on TUF 9 didn’t exactly help with winning over the hearts of fans either. Bisping embraces the role of bad guy and says it’s just his English sense of humor that people take the wrong way.


3. Josh Koscheck

TUF Season 1 veteran and UFC’s original “bad boy.” This guy cashes in on everyone else’s boos. The fighter has created a business strategy out of being a tool. Koscheck is living the life of a celebrity A-Lister on the show Fight Factory.


2. Jon Jones

The Light Heavyweight Champ had a lot of his ‘love hate’ come from UFC 151 and the first UFC event being canceled in 11 years because of his decision not to fight Chael Sonnen. He was looked at as being cold blooded and buying his own hype. Then you have the DUI charges which just confirmed fans suspicions about the fighter.


1. Chael Sonnen

This guy is a smart man, he is marketing himself in such an obnoxious way that you can’t help but watch him. He’s got his fight this weekend against another ‘love to hate’ fighter Jon Jones. It’s been reported that Sonnen is actually a really nice guy. The persona he portrays to the media is just an act. He’s playing a character. Maybe this is all a big movie for him and that is the character he was casted for.

Did we miss anyone you love to hate? Who do you think can be added to this? Let us know in the comments!