UFC 159 Vinny Magalhaes: ’10 Seconds Is Enough’ To Submit Phil Davis


Vinny Magalhaes believes even though his opponent, Phil Davis, is one of the worlds top light heavyweights there’s no way hes taking him out by submission at UFC 159 this weekend.

Magalhaes and Davis will meet in Newark, N.J. at UFC 159, those of you watching from home can catch the fight on pay-per-view this saturday Saturday.


Davis is a well known for his wrestling abilities, and Magalhaes for his Jiu-Jitsu. Davis thinks that the fight is his, even by submission but Magalhaes thinks he’s wrong.

Davis has knocked out three people in his 10 wins, one of those being Alexander Gustafsson (Alexander’s only loss in his career). He knows what he’s doing when he gets down there, but Magalhaes thinks that “anything can happen” in an MMA fight.  Which is undoubtably true.


Magalhaes is dead set that Davis won’t be able to win by submission.

“But submission from Phil Davis on me? No way. That’s just ridiculous. For him to think that, he has to be completely insane. Delusional, or insane. All his dominant wins weren’t against guys who have the kind of game I have. He won on the ground the way he can’t win against me. there’s no way.”

Magalhaes is a Brazilian black belt in Jiu-Jitsu (having trained underVinicius Aieta and Royler Gracie).  He took home the gold at the 2011 Abu Dhabi Combat Club, and eight of his 10 career wins were from submission. This gives Davis some insight on what could be coming. He just needs to watch out for more than the submission, “I feel there’s so many different ways that I can win this fight,” Magalhaes said.


Magalhaes is coming off a six-fight winning streak with two KO’s and four submissions since his loss three years ago. We’ll see if his confidence can change this fights 3-to-1 favor for Davis.

It looks like Magalhaes is dead set on Davis not submitting him but according to the confident fighter even if Davis takes him down, “10 seconds is enough for me to submit him.”

Who do you think will win? Will the fight en by submission, TKO or decision?  Let us know in the comments!