UFC on FX 8 Soldout Immediately


UFC on FX 8 was an immediate sell out over in Brazil.

Those Brazilians love them some UFC and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta said it “sold out immediately.”

The even features a bout against Vitor Belfort and Luck Rockhold, both former champs in the middleweight division. The UFC events and TUF Brazil pull in some large numbers on the Brazilian network.

Fertitta, LLC. mentioned UFC on FX 8 is the fifth event held over in Brazil and the third time to have Belfort on the main card. “When we do fights there on free-to-air, we’re hitting between 40 to 50 million viewers. There’s about 190 million people in Brazil,” Fertitta said. “If you index that, we’re essentially doing Super Bowl-type numbers four times a year for our live events.”


Could you imagine if the US put on four Super Bowls! That’s a lot of chips, dip and face painting going on.

“We’ve got great exposure there, and fans are just crazy.”