MMA Had No Influence On The Boston Marathon Bombing


MMA had nothing to do with the Boston Marathon Bombing.

According to MMA news site BloodyElbow “Boston bombers had MMA, wrestling connections”, that’s at least how the title read on website.

Reading this headline immediately gives the reader the impression there has been some conspiracy in the world of MMA. Some casual readers might even go on to assume MMA organizations like Bellator and UFC has some ties to these two russian terrorists.  The fact  they planned out a tragic bombing and executed it killing and injuring numerous people makes mentioning their names in connection with anything a very touchy subject.

Sensationalist headlines aside, reading the body of the article reveals that is anything but the case.


Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev had no connections in the MMA world outside of the possibility they may have trained at an MMA gym to keep healthy.  This kind sensationalist approach to grabbing headlines is similar to stating the 9/11 hijackers used National rent a car to drive to the airport and they even had bank of america atm cards.  Oh yes they “must” have had a connection to both organizations.  No, not at all… just like any consumer in this country the only connection they had was the exchange of one good or service for money. Training in MMA doesn’t instantly give you ties to the community.  Any more than renting a car from National gives you rights to vote at the next share holder’s meeting.

Tamerlan, being the oldest at 26-years-old, had photographs taken of him at a Boston Wai Kru gym. He had only been seen there a couple times and wasn’t even a member of the place. The gym is only important because UFC veterans like John Howard and Sean Gannon trained there.

To say that MMA had some sort of connection to Tamerlan or even lightly imply that there was knowledge in the community about the planned bombing at the Boston Marathon would be the same as stating there was a photo taken of Tamerian at a McDonald’s there for he had ties to the company!

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The younger brother, Dzokhar, was on his highschool wrestling team. That’s it… that’s what has been used to say that Dzokhar has “connections” to MMA and wrestling. Taking someone’s high school sport and making it sound like a connection to a bomber or his plot is essentially taking disconnected and likely unrelated facts and implying the existence of a deeper story without any supporting evidence..

This might be something you’d read in certain publications, especially those who are flatly against MMA.  Those same organizations that liken the sport to “Human Cock Fighting” (a la John McCain).  But reading this in an MMA fan journal is distressing.


MMA simply doesn’t have anything to do with a story on terrorist bombing unless you have some hard proof that a manifesto conceived my major MMA figures was created and circulated among the members (two bombers included).  However this was NOT the case.

The connection between these two needs to be severed because it just create confusion and controversy where it frankly needn’t be.