Is Benson Henderson The Most Controversial Champion In The UFC


It seems that whenever Benson Henderson is in the cage, the crowd is always left scratching their head thinking how did Henderson retain his UFC Lightweight title? With bouts like those with Frankie Edgar and Gilbert Melendez being so razor thin, many fans believe that the belt shouldn’t be around Benson’s waist.

Some say Frankie Edgar should still be lightweight champion while others believe Gilbert Melendez should have the scrap. One thing is certain, those fans aren’t judges. They can make arguments and list their complaints disapproving how the judges score the fight, but it won’t likely change much. Benson is still the champion and he has now tied the UFC record for most lightweight title defenses.

What we have to remember is that the lightweight division is one of the most stacked in the UFC. Benson will always have his hand’s full as lightweight champion. One thing for sure is that Benson has a long way to go before cleaning out the division.

However, Benson isn’t the most controversial champion in the UFC. He’s just competing and winning. Whether fans agree with his victories or not, when a fight goes to decision, the judges make the calls and their calls are final. Just like Dana White says, never leave it in the judge’s hands, so if fans have a complaint they should lodge it with their favorite and tell him/her to take their opponent down, nice and clean!

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  • Judging is often controversial to those that don’t really understand it. Personal beliefs in what each judge feels is effective or significant in a fight is the main reason. I prefer to think of actual damage as the key to wins when it goes to the final bell.