Dana White Let’s Boston See His Softer Side


Dana White, UFC President, is heading to Boston to take care of some business, but this isn’t the same “tough as nails” White you might remember from the press conferences.

White has spent a lot of time in Boston, living there and visiting. It’s one of his favorite places. And like most people in the US he’s been deeply affected by the bombing that happened at the Marathon last week.

White’s emotions were hit hard by this as well and he is in a position that could really help some of the families there in Boston.

“I’m gonna go to Boston and write some checks,” White said Saturday night. He won’t be able to make it all go away by any means. But he can make things better than they are now. There are so many people that need their spirits lifted and those checks could really take some burden of the families effected by this terrible tragic in Boston.

“I don’t even know how I’m gonna do it or what I’m gonna do, but I’m going next weekend.”

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