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Differences Between Short And Long Distance Hooks


Hooks are a great tool to use while sparring or fighting. They are versatile in the sense that you can throw them at your opponents face or body and do considerable damage.

If you watched our video, How-To: Throw Hooks then you already have a good idea of what goes into a hook. To further deconstruct the Hook you can place them into two categories: Short Hooks and Long Hooks.1204952_f520

Short Hooks:

Short hooks are really good to use when you’re inside of your opponents defensive range. From here you can throw a short hook at their liver, kidneys and face.  These hooks can be very effective due to the close proximity to your opponent, he/she may not be able to see them coming.

Long Hooks:

Long hooks are great to use when your opponent is a little bit farther away. You can throw a long hook like a “scooping” motion at their face while changing directions with your feet. This can set you up on prime real estate for another devastating blow, like a cross, uppercut or kick.

How do you use hooks in sparring or contests?  Tell us your story in the comments!