Brazilian Fan Tries To Attack Chael Sonnen


We can recall the trash talking that Chael displayed during the lead up to his bouts against Anderson Silva at UFC 117 and UFC 148. Openly disrespecting Anderson Silva’s family and his country of Brazil. It looks like certain fans have not gotten over the persona that is Chael P. Sonnen.

Dana White recently discussed that at TUF 17 finale, there was an off-camera incident that took place with Sonnen and a disgruntled fan.

“[Chael’s trash talk] exploded with the Anderson Silva fight, when he started ripping him and Brazil. Last weekend, I don’t know if any of you guys saw or heard about this, but he was there, shaking hands with everybody and everything. and this guy says, ‘Hey Chael! Chael! C’mon over here.’ Chael goes over there and the guy starts swinging on him, tried to punch him. [Security] bundles the guy up and dragged him out and he’s saying ‘F**k you! You are a piece of s**t! I’m from Brazil’ and this other stuff. The guy attacked him at The Ultimate Fighter 17 Finale last Saturday. It was a bad move [for that guy] — they didn’t take him out of there politely. He got bundled and dragged over every stair on the way out.”