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Dana White’s Update On Mitrione & Transgendered Fighters



Dana White gave us an update on Mitrione’s suspension after his outburst on The MMA Hour over Fallon Fox, as well as where he stands on Transgendered fighters.

Dana White isn’t upset with the heavyweight fighter, Matt Mitrione, for his transphobic outburst over Fallon Fox. But Mitrione is still on suspension, indefinitely. He was also issued a solid fine that Dana wouldn’t go into detail about except to say, “Come on dude, seriously. This much?” was Mitrione’s reaction to the amount.

Mitrione called transgendered fighter, Fallon Fox, a “lying, sick, sociopathic, disgusting freak,” on The MMA Hour.

“We’ll let him know when we decide. He was fined, too – enough to make him call me three times. I bet he’ll think. I bet before words come out of his mouth … he’s going to go, ‘I better not say that. That’s not good. That’s going to cost me some money.’ From the first day we talked, he handled the whole thing like a man. He said some ignorant comments that made him sound like a complete jackass and a bigot. He knew what he said was wrong.”

Dana White has his own ideas and opinion on wether or not Fox should be allowed to fight women.

“It’s not that I don’t necessarily agree with what [Mitrione] was saying because I have the same issue with a man who becomes a woman,” White said. “You have different bone structure. You have a different jawline. You have all the things of a man. It’s completely different. But he knew what he did was wrong. If he was standing in front of a panel or a judge, and he was arguing on why someone who used to be a man shouldn’t be allowed to fight a woman, he wouldn’t have said it the way that he said it. He would have said it completely different, and there’s nothing wrong with having a point of view. Everybody’s crying, ‘Oh, it’s freedom of speech.’ Yeah, OK. Work at any company in the world, OK, and give your opinion where you come off sounding like an ignorant bigot and see how long you last with that company. He could have done it the right way, and nobody would have said anything to him. He can have an opinion. It’s just how you state your opinion.”

The International Olympic Committee adopted the a set of rules that give an outline for transgendered athletes to compete. These include having surgery and at least two years of hormone therapy before competing. There has yet to be a transgendered athlete to compete in a combat sport in the Olympics. Dana said that he would most likely use the guidelines from the International Olympic Committee. “If this thing happens at an Olympic level where there’s a combat sport that accepts it, I’m sure they’re going to do the homework, and smarter people than me will make that decision.”



Dana White continues, “If scientists want to go in and say if you get this operation done and the hormones that you get put on change your physical structure and your strength, I’ll leave it up to the professionals and let them decide.”