MMA Legalized In New York? Dana White Doesn’t Think So


MMA legalization in New York has been Dana White‘s next step for the MMA community.

New York could be the 49th state to legalize MMA in the US. The New York Senate passed S.2755, MMA legalization bill, by an overwhelming vote of 47-15. There are even 60 co-sponsors signed onto this bill, but Dana White still isn’t convinced that the law will pass.

White was asked about Anderson Silva and Jon Jones in Madison Square Gardens for UFC’s 20th anniversary, “Yeah, (but) we didn’t get into New York. I’d pretty much call it done, yeah. They didn’t even put it in the budget. Anything can happen, (but) I’m not as optimistic as i was a few weeks ago.”

Dana White

So what’s holding Dana White’s hopes back?

He believes its the Culinary Union that has something to do with it. What’s even better is that this Culinary Union is out of Las Vegas!

“The (New York) commission is 100-percent behind it. Everybody wants it there except the Culinary Union. Every time we try to move forward and progress in New York, the Las Vegas Culinary Union starts hammering everybody with letters and they’re working the politicians and everything else. I have a question for you. We’re in Las Vegas. We’re putting on however many fights a year. How come they’re not writing letters in Las Vegas? They’re from Las Vegas. And if the UFC is this horrible thing that they write about, why aren’t they sending letters to the MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, the Nevada State Athletic Commission? Why are they only writing letters to New York? Does that make any sense? Vegas can reap the rewards of all the economic impact that we have, but New York can’t. Why is that?”

At this point in the interview White was a little heated if you couldn’t already tell. He did have an answer to his question, “Dirty rotten scumbags.”

But why does a Culinary Union care about MMA fighting? They have no real connection, especially with the Culinary Union being half way across the US in Las Vegas.

This is what’s going on from Dana White’s perspective… UFC co-owners Lorenzo and Frank Fertitta operate Stations Casinos in Nevada, same state as Las Vegas. These casinos happen to be nonunion. The Culinary Union has been pressuring Stations Casinos to unionize, you see where this is going. They have nearly 60,000 members and are known to be a pretty strong political power. Put that together with the UFC trying to legalize MMA in New York and White thinks they are using their political power to frustrate the Feritta brothers to unionize their Casinos. It’s a dirty little triangle IF this is all actually true. There’s, of course, no actual proof of this.

But this does give some kind of reasoning behind why a Culinary Union would be so adamant to turn down the legalization of MMA in New York.

What are your thoughts on the Culinary Union and their reasoning? Do you think we’ll get to see Silva and Jones in Madison Square Garden?