Should Gegard Mousasi Drop To Middleweight?


Gegard Mousasi recently asked on Twitter if fans think he should drop to middleweight. Would Mousasi be more effective as a middleweight or should he stay at light heavyweight?

If Gegard stays at light heavyweight, he is still two or three fights away from competing for the title. With contenders Alexander Gustafsson and Lyoto Machida in the running for Jon Jones. He would still have to work his way up the ladder for a shot at the belt.

Moving down to middleweight is not a bad idea. Most of his success came during his time as a middleweight competing in Dream. Since then, he has moved up to light heavyweight and defeated stars Babalu and Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou, but struggling against Muhammed “King Mo” Lawel and having a draw against Keith Jardine.

With the middleweight division not having so many wrestling base fighters in their division, Mousasi would be a perfect fit to work his way up to Anderson Silva. With Silva dispatching most of the contenders in the division already, it would only take a fight or two to move him to top contender status.

Mousasi will end up making the move that he feels his best for his career. No matter what division he decides to pursue going forward, one thing for sure is that he will be a contender regardless.