UFC Ignores Their Own Rankings: The Good & Bad


The UFC has taken the initiative to stop MMA outlets from telling everyone else how fighters should be ranked.

They’ve created their own official ranking system that has turned things around and has fans running to see who’s ranked where. The list is updated 36 hours after each card.

But there’s one thing that doesn’t make sense, they don’t follow these ranks when they put together high profile fights. People like Chael Sonnen and Nick Diaz are perfect examples of title fights that they were not the No. 1 contender for.

There can be some good and some bad that comes from this. We are not saying this is the wrong way of doing things, that’s up to the UFC, we are just showing both sides of how this can turn out if continued.

Lets start with the Good:

1. They can give fans exactly what they want, very easily.

MMA fans are vocal to say the least, they have no problem voicing exactly what they would want to see. Most of the time those fights don’t match up with the “official” rankings.

2. Grudge Matches

Everyone loves a good grudge match. One fighter has been talking trash on another, but it just so happens that he isn’t ranked high enough in the rankings to get that bout. No problem here! Throw it on pay-per-view! All this means is that the UFC and Dana White will make more money. Just like with Nick Diaz and GSP, that fight got 1.1 million buys! The fans are happy and the UFC is richer for it.

3. Taking away the media’s power

Before the UFC’s ranking system media outlets were able to make up their own personal list, and of course they were all different. Now, with this new ranking system, the UFC takes into consideration voices from all over the MMA world to make theirs.

This means writers know they get a chance to contribute so they’ll go for what the UFC wants, ultimately giving power to the UFC and taking it away from them.

Now the Bad

1. The rankings lose all credibility

You put together a legitimate “official” ranking system, then you ignore it. What is the point in having it then?

When you mess with people and fans like that you’ll lose all your credibility. Unranked fighters shouldn’t get the chance at title shots. The guy who’s worked his way up in the ranks to call himself No. 1 should immediately get that chance for the title.

2. Sport becomes less legitimate

Going off of number one, when you start ignoring the rankings it’s going to make the sport less official. Just because the president of the company has a personal grudge against one of the fighters doesn’t mean they should get pulled out of a title fight.

That would be like the NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, taking one of the teams out of the Super Bowl because he doesn’t like them.

Fighters are being passed by for title shots when promised one years ago. If the fighters can’t depend on it’s owner why should anyone watching the sport?

3. Fighters complaining about lower ranked bouts

You aren’t going to get anyone pumped up when you tell them they are fighting someone who is ranked below them. There’s no motivation in there. There’s not upward movement.

Those fighters won’t train properly and just won’t really care about the fight as much as they should if it was against someone of equal or greater talent.

Leave us a comment with some Pros and Cons that you can think of.