Jon Jones Just Got A Fresh Pair Of Nike Sneakers With His Name On Them


Light heavyweight champ Jon Jones is stepping up his game with a new pair of sneakers.

The Ultimate Fighter 17 coach will be the first of his MMA kind to have his own Nike apparel line. Jones isn’t just stepping up his game, he’s becoming one of the elite. Nike signed him on a global sponsorship deal last August and now he’s tweeting pictures of his new shoe line coming out.

It’s not just a shoe, there’s a “Bones Jones” T-shirt that’s coming out with the shoes. Jones’s manager said they’ll be available in the New York and Las Vegas Niketowns.

This couldn’t come at a better time. Jones headlines on next weeks UFC 159 against Chael Sonnen. You can bet that fans of Jones will be rocking the shirts and shoes in the stands and in the bars.

“It was definitely a goal when we sat down with [Nike],” Talking about the shoes and shirts, “Signing with Nike was a big accomplishment,” Jones said. It really is something huge for him and for MMA. Jones is being placed with Michael Jordan, Kobe and LeBron. “Nike-endorsed athletes are the elite of the elite. It lets all the Fortune 500 companies know that it’s OK to invest in MMA.”

This will open doors for all the big names in MMA today. Jones being the high-profile in the US, Nike also sponsors Anderson Silva and Junior Dos Santos over in Brazil. Like Nike says, “Just Do It”