Liz Carmouche Campaigning To Be Nike’s First Openly Gay Athlete


Liz Carmouche recently announced on Twitter that Nike is looking for their first openly gay athlete to sponsor. Professional athletes are not too keen on coming out to the public. This ends up presenting an amazing opportunity for the UFC and Carmouche as well.

Liz Carmouche has been a great ambassador the LGBT and surely she would be the best fit for representing Nike. Not only is she is already one of the biggest openly gay athletes in the world, but she is also a veteran of the USMC. With all of the mainstream media that was presented to her during the first women’s UFC Bantamweight Title fight, Nike would be missing out on a great spokesperson for their company.

If Nike is serious about having an openly gay athlete become an ambassador for their organization, there’s no one better fit for the role then Liz Carmouche.

We wish her luck in receiving the sponsorship!

Do you have different opinions on the matter?  Know of a better fit athlete for the role?  Let us know in the comments!