Jones Accuses Sonnen Of Taking Steroids


On Tuesday night’s edition of Fuel TV’s UFC Tonight, Jon Jones was discussing, with Co-host Dominick Cruz, a recent quote from Jones claiming Sonnen lacks the soul of a champion. That is when Jones made his accusation.

“Chael Sonnen’s a guy who, people know he’s been on steroids throughout his whole career. That’s probaby why his testosterone level is low now. I don’t think that’s the heart and attitude of a champion. So that’s what I meant when I said he lacks championship soul.”

Chael Sonnen has never tested positive for exogenous testosterone in his entire fight career. Although he did test positive for elevated testosterone levels during his fight with Anderson Silva at UFC 117.  It was never determined if this was due to supplementation or not.

Jones appears to be playing Chael’s game. Will he be able to get in Sonnen’s head?