Joe Lauzon Wants Back In The Game


Joe Lauzon is tired of the call outs and he wants to get back in the octagon, UFC on FOX Sports 11 to be exact.

In a previous article (Joe Lauzon: Scars & The Marks Fighters Leave) we talked about Lauzon’s nasty cut above his eye that he received from a devastating elbow on UFC 155 against Jim Miller. The scar tissue is finally healing up but with a lot of the mid-summer bouts already filling up he hopes to get back in the octagon at UFC on FOX Sports 11 by August.

“They just announced the August card, the Boston card in August, so I think everything makes sense. I think it lines up perfectly. It gives me a little more time to let my head heal up and deal with all that kind of stuff and get in there.”

Lauzon doesn’t care who he goes up against, he just wants to fight. He ranks number 11 in  lightweights and most of the top 15 in that division are already booked. So he might have to settle for someone much lower in the rankings.

“Whoever the UFC wants me to fight, I’ll fight. I really feel like on any night I can beat anyone. I just need to game plan, and things need to go right in camp, and things need to go right on the night of the fight. But I feel like I can catch anyone.”


Even though Lauzon wants to fight and will fight anyone, he won’t answer the call outs he gets from fellow fighters on twitter; Diego Sanchez being one of the most recent ones. His excuse for this is he thinks want to cash in on those ‘Fight of the Night’ bonuses he gets by getting into the octagon with him.

There’s probably some truth to that, but it’s still a fight and if Lauzon wants to fight badly enough he’s to consider taking one of those fights regardless of the opponents motivations.

Who would you like to see Lauzon matched up with?  Let us know in the comments!