Michael Bisping: Appreciates Belcher’s “Talents” But Says “He’s Delusional”


Michael Bisping gives us a little insight on his feelings about future opponent Alan Belcher.

In an interview with Yahoo News, Bisping gave a bit of back story to his upcoming fight against Belcher. Belcher has been smack talking Bisping for years and now Bisping is putting some of these rumors to rest.

After his loss against Vitor Belfort in January, Bisping wanted to get back in the ring as fast as possible. He told UFC president Dana White this and he quickly got a return phone call. Four days later his manager, Audie Attar, hit him up and said that Joe Silva offered up Alan Belcher for UFC 159. That was that. Bisping called him back at 4 a.m. in England and said, “Let’s do it.”


Bisping thinks this fight makes sense at this point in his career. Both had been talking about title shots back in December and both had slipped up shortly after that. He claims  Belcher had been “cyber-stalking” him for years.

“I want to clear something up though. Belcher is claiming that I started being disrespectful by not fighting him. He’s delusional. Even in his blog, he pointed out that I was ahead of him in the ratings all this time… so why would I fight Belcher before now? I’ve got respect for Belcher’s skills and “talents” – he’s a good fighter and I am preparing accordingly – but I’ve been busy beating up guys who kicked his arse (Yoshihiro Akiyama, Jason Day), coaching TUF and main-eventing and co-main eventing shows across the world. Like I was going to call up Joe Silva up and say: ‘Hey Joe, listen up, quit offering me fights with these legends and champions in main and co-main events. What I really have in mind for the next step in my career is a mid-card fight with some gobby, ginger hillbilly with a Rosie O’Donnell tattoo’?”


Bisping explained he’d taken other fights because they were better for his career; It was never out of disrespect. For him an taking on Brian Stann  was an opportunity with more name recognition, harder hits and as Bisping put it, “the fight was going to be on a huge card in Canada, and let’s face it, Brian Stann is a FOX TV commentator.”

“Alan Belcher: the least interesting man in the world. When hot milk can’t sleep, it drinks him.”

Bisping does appreciate Belcher for hyping the fight up as much as he has. It’s given him more motivation to “smash his teeth in.”

Bisping ended the interview calling out Belcher and the video he posted with “some stupid NFL wanker.”

“And listen, Alan… last word on that silly video you did. I know where I come from. I’m an ordinary guy from the north of England who worked hard to get ahead in life. You won’t see me making a prize prat of myself in a video with some stupid NFL wanker, whatever that fat clown’s name is, trying to act like a big-shot tough guy in the back of a $300,000 car. I’m not about that. I’m not about going to clubs and “making it rain” and throwing around childish bets with cars that cost more than most people’s houses to prove I’m a man.”

He went on to compare Belcher to a “hillbilly right out of ‘Deliverance'” and a “cartoon pimp in 90’s video.”

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