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Shins of Steel: Why You Should Condition Your Shins


One of the most neglected areas of training is shin conditioning. Shin to shin contact can be very painful if you don’t condition your body for it.

Here is a prime example of why you should train your shins to check kicks.

  • ray b

    I definitely think you should work on conditioning your shins.

    • Alex Briggs

      Ray, you’d be surprised at how many people don’t think to do this or don’t know how. Be sure to look out for one of our how to videos for shin conditioning.

  • Evan Stoumbelis

    This is the one thing that has helped me from my skateboarding days, my shins have taken so many hits from the unforgiving wood of the board that a kick doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as it does compared to some people I train with.

    • That Canadian maple hurts like hell don’t it

      • Evan Stoumbelis

        Hahahahah yes sir, along with metal bike pedals when I did BMX.