Top 5 Reason To Watch The UFC This Weekend


#5 Anytime a Diaz brother is on a card. It is must see television

The Diaz brothers have the type of attitude that truly engages viewers. You either love them or you hate them, there is no in between. They never try to change who they are for the press or for the fans. Their fight style is also intriguing as they have constantly got in their opponents face and they have no problem playing the mental mind games. Nate Diaz’s fight with Josh Thomson has fight of the night written all over it. You should be excited.

#4 Daniel Cormier’s chance to compete for UFC gold.

Daniel Cormier has a great opportunity presented to him. He has already stated that he will not fight for the heavyweight title, since his teammate Cain Velasquez currently holds the belt. He stated that after this fight with Frank Mir, he will drop to light heavyweight and make his way towards Jon Jones. There is a lot of pressure for Cormier to defeat Frank Mir and set himself for superstardom. This fight not only plays a factor for the heavyweight division but light heavyweight as well.

#3 Frank Mir’s opportunity to stay relevant.

Mir’s last fight in the octagon was against Junior Dos Santos at UFC 146. The night didn’t go well for him as he was thoroughly dominated by Dos Santos and was knocked out 3:04 of round 2. This fight allows him to play spoiler for the debut of Daniel Cormier and earn himself future high profile bouts and as long as Dos Santos does not have the belt, an opportunity for him to compete for UFC gold one more time. This could be Frank Mir’s last chance to work his way up the ladder to an UFC heavyweight title.

#2 Champion Vs. Champion: What’s not to love

The main event pits UFC champion against Strikeforce champion in a bout that decides who is the best lightweight on the planet. Both fighters have plenty of big fight experience and this is a question we have been curious about for years. This fight is finally happening and at the end of this fight, there will finally be a verdict. Benson Henderson or Gilbert Melendez, winner takes all.

#1 It’s Free!!!

This quality type of card could have easily been a pay-per-view event and fans would have no problem complaining about it. The great news is that it is on Fox, so you do not have to fork out 49.95 to watch this stacked card. The UFC has greatly improved their presence lately by making title fights on free television. This is a win-win for fight fans. You will not want to miss out on this amazing fight card.