Henderson Vs. Melendez: True UFC Super Fight


When it comes to super fights, there are always talks about when Georges St. Pierre will face Anderson Silva, or when Jon Jones will face Anderson Silva. This weekend there is a super fight in the works, as UFC Champion Benson Henderson will be facing off against Gilbert Melendez. The two best lightweights in the world competing to find out who truly the top lightweight in the world is.

Henderson and Melendez both have a grinding type of mma style. They both aren’t excellent in one certain area but great in all areas. This type of fight has the recipe to be a barn burner. Both fighters have great cardio and bring different elements to the table in this fight.

Gilbert Melendez

You can expect this fight to be a stand-up war for the most part. Both fighters will be looking to establish their dominance in the early rounds with their boxing and muay thai skills. The fight will eventually hit the floor, but that should be exciting too. Benson’s submission skills have improved and his defense is phenomenal. Gilbert Melendez is no slouch in bjj as he trains with the Diaz brothers and Jake Shields.

The winner of this match up will have to gain control in the beginning and continue to dictate the pace throughout the fight. This fight has been a dream fight for hardcore fans for years. Who is the number one lightweight in the world? We will find out on Saturday.

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  • Matt Watasha Wood

    I love the 209 boys, but I believe Gilbert is out his league here. Benson is really, really good. Gilbert should have fought a few UFC fights first IMO. Also Benson has TKD skills that work for MMA and excellent wresting. Did Pettis move down? Would love to see a rematch between him and Benson.

    • Evan Stoumbelis

      Agreed 100%, well said, and yes Pettis moved down, he’s fighting Jose Aldo over the summer for the featherweight belt.