Hey Ladies! You Want More UFC Fights… You Got’em


Dana White is very happy with the way the women have been competing in the UFC and wants to add more fights.

Not only does the UFC president want to add more fights to the upcoming events, he could be implementing more weight classes “over the next couple of years.”

Only two MMA fights that have gone down in the UFC for women, both have stolen the show. Ronda Rousey in UFC 157 against Liz Carmouche and the most recent Cat Zingano taking out Miesha Tate during the TUF 17 Finale.

The next we have to look forward to is Rousey and Zingano at the end of TUF 18 since they will be coaches on the season later this year. But this could all be expedited for more fights to be added before this one happens.

White had this to add:

“The evolution of this sport as it’s continued to grow, we’ve been adding weight classes, and the sport keeps getting bigger. There are more and more talented guys in all those weight classes. The same thing will happen with the women. I think when you got into the 135-pound division, I knew there were enough fights for a year and a half, two years. You think that after it starts to generate some excitement and interest that other women will pop out of the woodwork. I think over the next couple of years, we’re really going to see a big boom.”

As said before in previous articles, women have been fighting in MMA bouts for years now, this isn’t a new thing. What’s good is that White is finally catching on and realizing that we all love to watch women beat down on each other.


It’s just now White is seeing the light and it could get very exciting to hear that there will be more weight classes coming in soon.

So we ask you, the viewer, should there be more women in the UFC and more weight classes?