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Editorial: Thoughts On Boston Bombings


SciFighting may be a mixed martial arts publication with a focus on science, health and psychology but we are staffed by human beings.  As human beings we think of many things and do many things beyond just what we write about here.

In that spirit and recognizing that fact it felt it important to share some thoughts on the recent bombing in Boston.  First of all, I’d like to personally say that Boston has a great deal of respect in my heart.  Not only is it renown for it’s rich history in a relatively young country but it also is the home to some of the most respected scientific, legal, medical and artistic institutions in the world.  The people of Boston (and the rest of Massachusetts)  have depth and much to be proud of.

When I first learned of the bombings yesterday I must sadly admit I was a bit dismissive.  There’s so much war and death in the world it’s somewhat easy to grow cynical and lose empathy.  However I took some time to dive into the subject.  Sure the mainstream media tends to sensationalize these events, but behind the hype engine there are real human stories.  Stories that matter more than the “theme” of the reporting.  It was those stories that  truly got my attention.

The tragedy of athletes and fans of sports to be confronted with death and dismemberment, to have their dreams wiped away right before their eyes: the emotional impact is almost incalculable. The aftermath is something in and of itself that deserves special recognition.

The fear the event struck into people’s hearts is almost inconceivable to someone who hasn’t been in a similar situation.  I won’t pretend to be one of them, but I do know what it is like to fear for one’s life.  It was only a true brush of death at a young age of 15 that confronted me with the fear and at that point I found my true identity as a fighter in spirit.  If there is only one message I can share for those unlucky souls who witnessed, suffered, lost and must now live with the aftermath of such a jarring event it would be, bravery!

To the good people of Boston, Massachusetts, be brave!  You must not let arbitrary events and especially the acts of less than scrupulous individuals or organizations drive fear into your hearts.  Within all of us is a fighting spirit that has been here since the dawn of time: the ability to overcome obstacles, the ability to survive when all seems impossible or hopeless. Remember that so long as you live and breathe you have the ability to fight back!  Fight the fear and show the world that you aren’t swayed by some pathetic individual’s attempts to intimidate you!

From SciFighting to everyone who has suffered due to this tragic event, know that our thoughts and prayers will be with you all!

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Luca Rajabi
Luca has been passionate about martial arts and eastern philosophies since childhood. As an athlete, inventor and entrepreneur Luca founded SciFighting on the principal lessons learned from his life experience "fighting" to preserve his health and fitness. Although born with inherently poor and inconsistent health he pushed forward to learn as much as he could about the sciences of technology, medicine and mental health. Years of study, working with physicians and combined analysis finally began to bare fruit by his early twenties. Starting with Fencing, cross training and body building then moving to Boxing, Western Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Eskrima and an eclectic assortment of self defense techniques. Luca's core philosophy is that to win a battle every fighter must balance their mental and physical health. Luca has said that "With well developed technique, conditioning and mental focus a sound strategy will most often win over brute strength alone." It is in this spirit that he passionately advocates for the "Science of Fighting".