Was The Bout Between Tate And Zingano Called Too Early?


There’s a small controversy going around about Tate and Zingano’s fight. Was it called too early during the TUF 17 Finale? Zingano doesn’t think so.

Cat Zingano isn’t nearly as well known as her opponent Miesha Tate. That is until now. Zingano threw some brutal knees to “Cupcake’s” face (wiping that sweet as icing smile right off of it). The knees were so brutal that referee Kim Winslow stepped in right away to call the fight giving Zingano a technical knockout win.

Zingano was the underdog in this fight and this win stirred a lot of attention, especially considering she’ll now be the opposing coach to Ronda Rousey on the new Co-Ed season of TUF 18. She will also square off with Rousey during the Finale.


Tate believes the fight was called prematurely. Referee Winslow has had her share of questionable calls. Even Zingano said that she would have like it to go on a little bit longer just to make sure there wasn’t any doubt about who won.

“It sucks to have a controversial call. You never like to hear, ‘Oh, that wouldn’t have ended the fight’ or whatever. That sucks. I don’t like hearing that. I walked away because I thought she was done. If I didn’t think the fight was over I would’ve have sat there and needed to be pulled off her. Between the three of us sitting right there and the damage Miesha was taking to her face, when the referee stepped in, that’s why it was easy for me to turn and walk away because it was about time. It was within a matter of a couple more strikes before I thought it was going to be beyond return. I kind of wish it would have gone on a little bit longer so there’s no questions, but I think she did good job keeping Miesha safe.”

Zingano believes it wouldn’t have made a difference and it would have gotten worse for Tate if the fight had gone longer.


What do you think? Was the fight called too soon?