Parody: UFC Bans Disabled Fighter


UFC bans an undefeated fighter because of his disability?

They are calling him the Oscar Pistorius, aka Blade Runner, of MMA. But the UFC won’t let him compete because of his prostetic hands.

This Ex-Marine, Nick Prendall, has always dreamed of competing in the UFC. He’s able to “KO” his opponent in just seconds. Although he has tungsten alloy hands he still believes this doesn’t give him an unfair advantage against anyone else.

Although the UFC may be unwilling to look past this minor disability we were pleased to learn that the Detroit Metro Police Department will be recruiting this young veteran into their ranks.  However as a condition of his employment he will need to undergo extensive prosthesis to ensure his entire body is armored with Tungsten alloy.  We wish him luck! Thanks to Comedy Central Onion Sports for the exclusive video.