Gabriel Gonzaga To Challenge Ruling On Fight With Travis Browne


Gabriel Gonzaga lost last weekend’s bout at TUF 17 finale against Travis Browne. Browne was able to pick up a victory by TKO (elbows) at 1:11 of the first round. The elbows that Browne connected with have been a topic of discussion as of late. They were close to the back of the neck. Were they legal?

Gabriel Gonzaga has now decided to challenge the ruling with the Nevada State Athletic Commission according to Tatame:

This is a rough translation of the script.

“We are appealing to the Nevada State Athletic Commission because we think the elbows to the neck were illegal. We have accepted defeats in the past, but this one we believe is illegal. The Gonzaga Team thanks you for your support.”

We’ll keep you up to date to see if this appeal is successful or not.