Ronda Rousey Setting Up For ‘More Creative Takedowns’ On Cat Zingano


Ronda Rousey is going back to her “roots” when it comes to fighting stances as she starts to train for her bout against Cat Zingano.

This could be bad news for Zingano because Rousey noticed that Zingano was a south paw. Her previouse Judo training had kept her from going against the rare stance. “In Judo that was the stance I was used to fighting my whole life. If you’re right handed, that’s the way we stand in Judo,” Rousey said. She’s excited to finally return to facing-off against a south paw.

“I’m very much looking forward to  that fight, turning to what’s comfortable. I kind of had to relearn to fight people in an opposite stance. So yeah, I’m really looking forward to setting up a whole lot more creative takedowns from that side.”

Now, this doesn’t at all mean that Rousey doesn’t respect the skill set of Zingano. It means that we will get to see a much higher level of Judo that Rousey hasn’t been able to show us yet, let alone anyone in MMA. Rousey was even caught saying, “Technically Cat has a better record than I do. She’s 8-0 and I’m 7-0.”

As Rousey has said in the past she was much more up to fighting Zingano and is happy she won the bout against Tate so that she will get that fight. For Rousey, the prospect of fighting Tate was appealing in that she “would of enjoyed tormenting Miesha” on the show should she have become the opposing coach.

Rousey was glad that she got to see the fight live and thinks it helped. “I saw a lot of things that were helpful. I’m glad I came and saw it live.” This next season of TUF 18 should be a good one with the co-ed situation and the bout between the two women.