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Top 10 Mistakes Made While Sparring

Revised: August 20th, 2014

While sparring, like anything else, people make mistakes. It’s Important to be aware of the mistakes you’re making, take the necessary steps to correct them and be patient with yourself and others when they’re learning. Here are the top ten mistakes people make while sparring:

10. Train Hard and Fight easy.

Not training hard is a commonly made mistake. Sparring is part of training and if you don’t do it enough as soon as you get in the ring you’ll be like a deer caught in head lights.



9. Don’t get backed into a corner.

While sparring its very important to move, especially when you’re getting blasted with a great combo. People often forget that moving in any direction is better than backing into a corner.



8. Moving in slow motion.

Unless you want your attacks to get blocked or caught, you should be launching them with speed and accuracy. You must do this without sparring at full power.



7. Come to terms with getting hit.

Not only is it going to happen, but learning to take a hit and keep going can be training in and of itself.



6. Take care of your injuries.

If you’re injured while training or sparring, make sure you seek the appropriate medical attention. Give your body time to heal.



5. Look at your entire opponent.

If you’re looking at their leg waiting for that kick, you’re not going to see the punch coming straight at you.  Make sure you keep your focus on your entire opponent and not just one part of them.



4. Keep your hands up.

Everyone is guilty of this at some point or another, and yet it is one of the most important basics to remember.



3. When in doubt Jab it out.

Using your jab is an excellent way to set up another shot or combo.




Not breathing properly, while sparring, can cause you to gas out, leaving you weak, tired, and out of breath. This will make the fight that much easier for your opponent as they don’t even have to hit you to wear you down.



1. Sparring at 1,000,000%

Sparring isn’t fighting, so if your’e doing it at full power you’re more than likely going to hurt your partner or even yourself.