Controversial UFC 158 Weigh In Video Returns To Youtube


The controversy between Nick Diaz, Georges St. Pierre, and the UFC never seems to end. Weigh-ins at UFC 158 have since only exacerbated this trend.

The video that was pulled from Youtube immediately following a DMCA complaint by the UFC has some interesting information about the protocol for the the weigh-ins at UFC 158. In the video, you have the UFC Senior VIce President of Business and Legal Affairs and Assistant General Council notifying Nick Diaz and his crew that there was a .9 pound weight allowance for Nick’s bout against GSP.

Zuffa tried to claim that the video violated DMCA copyright regulations. Brent Brookhouse of outlined the nature of the claim.

The video was of a conversation taken place in the stadium seats. The UFC does not own a copyright on conversations that take place in areas like that, nor does it own a copyright on anything actually shown in the video. The video doesn’t even show something like the Octagon, in which case the UFC could try to make some sort of claim that violated their copyright. It is strictly a conversation in the stadium seats.

With all of this information coming out, will this drive the UFC to give into Nick’s demands? Will he be given a rematch with GSP?

  • LOUDlibrarian

    I get that you really don’t like what happened with the weigh in, but there is no “controversy”. Nobody really cares about this. You write about if the UFC will give diaz a rematch? Seriously? Why would they give a rematch to a guy who was dominated for 5 rds? They have much better matches to make other than one with diaz and all his crazy baggage he brings. I agree with you that the UFC should have been strict about the weight, but it was not a deciding factor in the match so fine him and make sure it doesn’t happen again. In no way should diaz be given another shot until he gets back in line and beats the contenders in front of him.

    • No one cares and yet you cared enough to post a rather long comment on the matter? Look, anyone who has ever had to make weight for a competition will know how completely wrong this whole situation is. It doesn’t matter if Diaz would have won or lost. The rules should be applied equally to everyone. Also if there was no controversy then why would the UFC bother to try and take the video down from YouTube repeatedly? This just doesn’t look good and if you go on ignoring infractions like these it’s only a matter of time before things get out of hand. The fans should hold the promotions companies and athletic commissions accountable.

      • I don’t get the “controversy”, it has often been the case that an allowance of 1lb. over is afforded each fighter, except sometimes in title fights. Either way, it is a fight contract issue and however that conflicts with the governing body sanctioning the fight. It seems a 0.9lb. allowance is within the bounds of what is normal, and as such is not actionable for relief. But, I suppose a court will decide?

  • Joshua

    If there was no controversy, why would the UFC feel its necessary to pull the video off the internet. Also when it comes to the contracts that fighters sign. If the fighter is overweight, the fighter has to give up 20 percent of their purse to their respective opponent. If you were a fighter and this happened to you, wouldn’t you want you felt you deserved. Diaz has a solid case. I am excited to see what happens.

  • Evan Stoumbelis

    The fact that Diaz lost bad shouldn’t stop the UFC from giving him a rematch. He signed on to fight GSP at 170, and the rules clearly state less than 170 pounds even, time for GSP to give up 20% of his purse or give Diaz a rematch, the .4 pounds may not have made a different, but he deserves a fight under the conditions he signed on for. Kudos to GSP though for admitting he was over 170, that says a lot about his character.