Miesha Tate: Her Chance For Redemption


Miesha “Cupcake” Tate has an opportunity of a lifetime this weekend when it comes to WMMA. Defeat Cat Zingano and earn an opportunity at a rematch with Ronda Rousey. Not only that, but also coach season 18 of The Ultimate Fighter as well. This is her opportunity to truly shine as a martial artist.

Cupcake has been a mainstay in Strikeforce, winning the Bantamweight title at one point before losing it to Ronda Rousey. Ronda was able to secure her signature arm bar and get the tap out. That loss is something that haunts Miesha. That was one of the biggest fights of the year that year. Strikeforce did everything that they could do to promote that fight.

If she is able to get that fight with Ronda, it will be on a larger format then Strikeforce could ever provide. Also by adding the element of her being a coach on TUF, it would bring her more visibility then she has had to date. UFC 157 did well, with over PPV 500,00 buys and Liz Carmouche did not have the star power that Miesha Tate has.

There is a good chance for Tate and Rousey 2 to exceed everyones expectations in pay-per-view buys and her presence on TUF could be quite successful as well. The spotlight will be on Rousey, but if they fight again there’s a chance that Miesha will have learned from her last fight and might be able to redeem herself on a national platform.