Ronda Rousey And Her Thoughts Of Fallon Fox


Fallon Fox has received plenty of attention because she is the first openly admitted transgender athlete in mixed martial arts in the United Stated. Fighters like Matt Mitrione have publicly spoke about their opinions of Fox and Rousey recently discussed her feelings in regards to Fallon Fox with the New York Post.

“She can try hormones, chop her pecker off, but it’s still the same bone structure a man has.” It’s an advantage. I don’t think it’s fair.”, said Rousey.

She also discussed her understanding of why the UFC was frustrated and suspended Mitrione.

“I understand the UFC doesn’t want to be associated with views like (Mitrione’s). I’m also glad they didn’t straight cut him.”

Here is another excerpt about Fallon.

“It’s not something that happened to her. It was decision she made. She should be aware in her career after that, it’s going to be an arduous path. I don’t know why she’s surprised by that. It’s going to draw a lot of emotions.”

In regards to her fighting in the UFC, she had no problem speaking her mind.

“What if she became UFC Champion and we had a transgender women’s champion? It’s a very socially difficult situation.”

  • Evan Stoumbelis

    Ronda gets it! She researched it and is reiterating what we already know, Fallon Fox has a physical advantage over women, one that shouldn’t be ignored for the safety of female fighters

    • Christopher Reza

      Right on the target, she has a huge physical advantage. I totally agree, she shouldnt be looked at the same, at least not in a sport like this.

  • rrosettastone

    Wait a minute… I’m not for restricting any other part of her life. But, in sports, we who are born with a uterus and ovaries know that the entire chemistry involved dedicated a significant part of our growth process to make us capable of allowing a human infant to develop & grow inside our bodies to 6 to 10 lbs, and then to provide food for the child till he/she had enough teeth to chew prevents most of us from naturally developing the muscle you men have. Her body did not make that sacrifice. Perhaps she should rally for a 3rd gender category? Which is how she would be described in India.

    • Christopher Reza

      It would seem mean to say, but I agree. I am glad someone of the female gender also concurs. It is absolutely outrageous to continue this fighter in the female category. Totally unfair.

  • Christopher Reza

    Rousey makes a great point, fallon did know what she was doing in the gender change. How it would and is affecting her career. She shouldn’t have any sympathy for this, nor an exception.