Will A Co-ed Season Of TUF Be Successful?


It has already been announced that the next season of TUF will have both men and women on the program. Fans are saying that it sounds like a mix of “The Real World” and UFC. Will this prove to be effective programming for Zuffa? The Ultimate Fighter has been lacking in viewership the past few years. Will this bring more viewership?

It’s been announced that Ronda Rousey will be one of the coaches and other coach will be decided this weekend. Cat Zingano and Miesha Tate will be fighting and the winner becomes coach of TUF and the contender to Rousey’s UFC Women’s Bantamweight Championship.

By adding females and males into the competition and having them live in the same house adds a whole new dynamic. What will female MMA athletes do in a house full of testosterone saturated men?  Needless to say the prospects for controversy and drama will keep fans and the morbidly curious glued to their television screens for some time.  The question is, exactly how long will this formula work?

The UFC is taking a gamble by having a co-ed edition of TUF. A gamble that could pay dividends in the long run, or it could turn off fans entirely.  We will be watching to see what unfolds.

What do you think about this?  Do you see it as a positive or negative evolution for The Ultimate Fighter TV series?

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  • Evan Stoumbelis

    TUF 17 was one of the best seasons EVER I’m afraid 18 will be too much drama and not enough high caliber fighters

    • Yet even with it being such a great season the ratings have been down from past years (according to what I’ve read). :/

      • Evan Stoumbelis

        What?!? I hadn’t read that, very unfortunate indeed, this season has been a great one! Improvements all around from the past several.

  • A co-ed edition of TUF seems like more of a publicity stunt to try and build up more hype for a franchise that seems to be losing its clout. They will definitely be playing more to the drama of the franchise than the sport. If it manages to get pulled off it could be a great success, but the more likely outcome is going to be a flop that could easily kill the franchise all in the name of numbers. I wish the UFC luck and will at least give the next season a shot with an open mind, but only time will tell if it will be successful.

    • Evan Stoumbelis

      Agreed! This season will forcus on the drama, or so I’m afraid, we’ll see though, it will give the womens division of the UFC depth and bring it into the mainstream spotlight more.

    • Yeah Gary, it certainly seems that way. Hopefully it will ‘just’ be an extension to an already fairly decent formula where we just get more exposure to the women’s division (like Evan mentions in his reply).